The Average Hole-In-One

We have many requests for statistical data on the average ace recorded here at We’ve accumulated thousands of registrations from the four corners of the globe for your enjoyment. This data is continuously updated with every hole in one you register. Please visit our site often to see how these statistics change as more and more golfers record…Every Golfer’s Dream.

Average age of a Hole In One golfer:
45.8472 yrs.
Average handicap of Hole In One golfer:
Number of years playing golf:
18.0657 yrs.
Percent of Aces by:
Male 0%   Female 0%
Percent of golfers registering first ace:
Day of week most Holes In One occur:
Day of week least Holes In One occur:
Date when most aces occured:
July 19th, 2003
Golf hole most frequently aced:
Hole 8.86
Average par for the aced hole:
Par 3.02
Average yardage of aced hole:
150.16 yds.
Club most used in making an ace:
7 Iron
States with most aces recorded:
1. California with 2535 aces.
2. Florida with 2220 aces.
3. Michigan with 1357 aces.
4. Texas with 1163 aces.
5. New York with 1107 aces.
Countries with most aces recorded:
1. USA with 24854 aces.
2. Canada with 1315 aces.
3. United Kingdom with 556 aces.
4. Australia with 239 aces.
5. India with 126 aces.
Balls most used:
(Since 3/05)
1. Titleist with 5913 aces.
2. Callaway with 1803 aces.
3. Nike with 1397 aces.
4. Top Flite with 1166 aces.
5. Other with 916 aces.
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