Troy Duvall Gilbert

Columbia, Missouri USA

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Troy Duvall Gilbert of Columbia, Missouri, USA scored a hole-in-1 on 06/21/18. The hole in one occurred on Hole 7, a par 3, 232yd hole at De Bell Golf Club located in Burbank, California, USA.

Troy scored the hole in 1 with a 5 Iron and had this to say about it:

"6:00pm on the longest day of the year on a smoggy first day of summer in L.A. All we could really see was the top of the flag blowing from the Valley wind. As soon as I hit it, my dad said, “Oh, that’s a fantastic shot!”...but we couldn’t see it land because of the long shadows and distance. I was reaching to pickup my tee and I heard the ball hit the flagstick. Didn’t know it was an Ace till I looked in the hole!"

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