Raymond J Pasukinski


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Raymond J Pasukinski of JACKSONVILLE, Florida, USA scored a holeinone on 11/30/17. The hole n one occurred on Hole 7, a par 3, 116yd hole at Bent Creek Golf Course located in JACKSONVILLE, Florida, USA.

Raymond scored the hole n one with a 8 Iron and had this to say about it:

"The sun was behind the hole, so me and my group couldnĀ“t actually see the ball go in the hole. We knew two of the shots hit the green close to the hole. When we drove up to the green we saw only one ball, which turned out not to be mine. Figuring mine must have rolled off back of the green, but when we couldnĀ“t find it, we looked in the hole and there it was at the bottom of the cup."

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