Maximo Dewey

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Maximo Dewey of Buenos Aires, Argentina scored a holeinone on 07/23/17. The hole in one occurred on Hole 3, a par 3, 200yd hole at Los Lagartos Country Club \ located in Pilar, Argentina.

Maximo scored the hole-in-1 with a Hybrid and had this to say about it:

"This hole is a 200 yrds par three. It´s protected by two water creeks in front and on the left, and also two bunkers in front right and back right. The flag was in between of the two bunkers. I hit the ball with a beautiful draw, the ball bounced in the green and went directly to the hole. I notice the hole in one when I saw the ball in the hole. The hole is too far away and the flag was I a position very difficult to be watched from the hit position. The shot was perfect, and then the luck did the rest! I was with three friends Beto Hernando, Pol Areosa y Neca Cristopedro "

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